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Task proofing

Task proofing is a phrase that many people use when searching for a reviewer on Google. Task proofing is our core competence. We do nothing but read proof of study assignments such as theses, master’s projects and bachelor’s assignments.

We offer:

Get a good quote on proofreading your assignment.

It is important that the language of your assignment is good and fluent. Especially if it is a final assignment such as a bachelor project or a master’s thesis. The assignment marks the end of several years of hard work and it is therefore a pity if the professional level of the assignment is compromised by a less good language. The language is always included in the assessment of the assignment.

Some read thorough proofs of their assignment themselves. You can also get 5 more tips here. Others have an acquaintance or family member who helps weed out the worst mistakes. But if you cannot read proof yourself and you do not know anyone who can, you can use a professional reviewer.

The benefits are several:

Proof Forms

We have several proof forms that you can choose from.

Correction Basis is a correction form that corrects the errors in the language. After the basic proofreading, your assignment is flawless. It makes you better when the task is to be evaluated. The censor cannot argue for a lower grade with reference to the degree of correctness of the language.

Correction Plus does more than correct the errors. With the plus proof, bad and unclear wordings are also changed, so that the overall language appears more fluid and precise. If the linguistic starting point is good, the plus proofing will be something that can pull up the grade. Good language always counts on the plus side.

If you are looking for a proofreader for a short assignment or synopse up to 10 pages, you can choose Proof Mini. It is a proofing form designed for the small task so that you do not have to pay an overpriced price. Most review agencies operate at a minimum price per year. order, which means that the page price for small tasks becomes very high.