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Proofreading of English assignments

Writing study assignments in English is becoming more and more popular in the education system. As a result, more and more students are calling for proofreading in English. These are typically assignments such as bachelor projects, theses and dissertations, but our team also read English proofreading on smaller study assignments.

We have trained and sharp proofreaders for proofreading in English. We are cheapest proofing agency, and if you get the idea that cheap proofreading in English equals poor quality, we can understand that well.

But we are a group of dedicated linguists doing proofreading because we like it – not because we have to make money from it. We take pride in providing high quality, and for the same reason, we have a payment concept where you only pay once you have approved the review.

The late payment is your assurance that the quality is high.

Requirements for English reviewers

Your English reviewer corrects all misspellings, inflection errors, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. If you select Proof Plus, the English proof also involves correction of obscure language and obviously bad wording.

Before hiring English reviewers, we ensure that the person has a great knowledge of academic writing, has a thorough knowledge of English spelling, and an excellent understanding of English syntax.

This knowledge and understanding of language is the basis for the course process in proofreading that new employees.

What does the reviewer fix?

Below you can see a short excerpt from an authentic study assignment in English from the University of London. The errors found by our English reviewer are marked in red.

Within modern welfare states, access to education is considered to be the key to social and economic development. By enhancing the population with knowledge and skills, education prepares and improves citizens’ abilities to participate in and contribute to societies and thereby strengthens a nation’s competitiveness. Education can in that sense be viewed as a central social benefit that is first and foremost an investment in the nation’s future. Furthermore, education has transformative effects as it can contribute to the reduction of social inequality and to the inclusion of citizens.

In the passage, the reviewer has spotted 8 errors. This corresponds to just over 1 error per line, and it is a very normal error level for study tasks. The passage here shows congruence errors, word choice errors, noun inflection errors, genitive errors, and punctuation errors.

With the reviewer’s corrections, the passage looks like this:

An offer for proofreading in English

We are always ready to give you a great price on proofreading in English. Our prices are fixed, but they are not chiseled in solid granite. For example, if you send us a short excerpt of your assignment in English, we can quickly provide you with a good quote for proofreading the entire assignment.

The price may vary according to the linguistic starting point of the assignment. A linguistically good starting point means everything else just that the proofreading can be done faster. In those cases, we are ready to offer you a price that is below the standard price for proofreading assignments in English.

Write to us through the contact form here, or call us.

Free trial proof

Our proofing prices are by far the best in the market. We mean it seriously when we say that we work daily to offer students the best and cheapest assignment proofreading.

We are aware that as a customer you can make a link between low price and low quality – understood so as to think that a very low price certainly costs something on the quality of the proof service you buy.

We would like to make a seven-inch stitch that this is not the case with us. We are a group of highly educated reviewers who are passionate about our work, and we can under no circumstances live with a high quality.

Feel free to rate our work by ordering a free trial proof. Offer is free and non-binding. If we hear from you again, we are happy. If we don’t, that’s fine. The offer is just non-binding.