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Proofreading of assignment

There are a lot of students looking for a reviewer on Google by typing proofreading task, proofreading task, proofreading task and similar search phrases in the search box. You have probably searched for something similar since you landed on this site.

We specialize in proofreading tasks. It is the only proofing service we offer, and it is because it is task proofing that we are best at. We do tasks in English, and we do it at the lowest price on the market without compromising on quality.

We are a bunch of dedicated linguists who will not name the questionable quality. In other words, you can rest assured that proofreading of assignments with us is quality proofing.

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we do not charge until you, as a customer, have approved the proofreading. If we go wrong with the proofreading, we run the risk that the student will not pay.

We have not yet experienced a dissatisfied customer, and we work every day to deliver Denmark’s best and cheapest study proof. If there is the smallest finger to put on the work, please contact us. It is absolutely fair and we receive all inquiries properly and professionally.

You can always take advantage of the free trial proof if you want to see us before you decide.

The price of proofreading tasks

Our prices are Denmark’s cheapest! We are 15-20% below the price offered by other reviews agencies. We offer the same low price for proofreading tasks in English.

We do not charge extra fee for urgent proofing. If we have time for proofreading, we do it with pleasure – even when the time is scarce: WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE.

We also like to do proofreading on small tasks and synopses. Here, too, we are the cheapest. 

What does proofreading do for your assignment?

The proofreading – whether you have chosen Basic or Plus – raises the language level in the assignment. And let us emphasize that it is perfectly legal to have its assignment proofread. We hear from more and more students that their tutor / teacher has recommended them to get the assignment proofread. It speaks its clear language: proofreading tasks is a good idea because a linguistic boost gives the whole task a boost.

It is stated in various examination regulations and curricula that the student’s spelling and wording skills MUST be included in the assessment of the assignment. In other words, a deficient and uncertain language can draw the task down to character. Conversely, a safe and clear language can pull off the task.

You can read more about language requirements here.

Spelling errors, inflection errors, comma errors, word choice errors and so on are error types we see in almost all the study tasks we fix. These are errors that interfere with reading to varying degrees. If the error rate is low and the errors are negligible, the problem is overlooked. But we see many tasks with 20-40 errors per year. page, and it’s definitely a problem for the reading … and for the character.

The proofreader will spot and correct all formal errors, and it is certainly something that facilitates reading, and which will certainly be noticed by the censor.

But not only that. The proofreader will also look at whether the word choice in your assignment is good and accurate, just as the reviewer will assess the quality of the syntax, ie whether the sentences are well-constructed and well-bound together. If there are obvious syntactic weaknesses in the language, it will be corrected.

The combination of a correct language and a well-formulated language is something that makes an impression. If the language is good, it definitely counts on the plus side when the examiner forms an overall impression of the assignment. Yes, it is actually statutory that the language must be included in the assessment.

To learn more about task proofing and the error types that the reviewer fixes, you can follow a review process on the page here.

What tasks do we read proofreading on?

We read proofs on all types of tasks:

Read more proofreading.