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Bachelor study correction

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Bachelor study correction

Undergraduate student proofreading is one of the favorite searches when students are looking for a proofreader for their undergraduate degree. There are also many who apply for bachelor’s proof, bachelor project proofreading and bachelor proofreading.

You have landed on a page about bachelor student proofreading, and we are really happy about that. We are experts in correcting larger study tasks such as bachelor’s theses, theses, master’s projects and dissertations, eg PhD dissertations.

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What and how do we fix it?

Our skilled reviewers will correct your assignment with the backlog full of knowledge of language, scientific writing and spelling.

You can see a concrete example of language improvement in a bachelor project here.

If you would like to see how a review process goes, you can study the page here.

The corrections we make in a task are visible when you get the task back from the study proof. When we correct, we use Word’s proofing feature, which marks all the changes in the task from the smallest comma to the largest syntax error.

You can choose to accept the corrections one by one or you can accept them all at once.

In a task, there will often be individual passages where the reviewer may have doubts about the meaning. In those cases, the reviewer writes a comment with suggestions for improving the language instead of correcting the task. Then you can decide on the part when you get the assignment back from the proofreading.

We are very aware that we do not make corrections that change the meaning of the language. The purpose of the proofing is to make the content clear and clear to the examiner.

We also do assignments in English

We also perform English proofreading, which is at the same fixed, low price as proofreading. Our English reviewers go through the task with a close comb, and they are just as familiar with English language and grammar as our reviewers are with language and grammar.

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